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These actors are killing me and I’m dying sweetly.

What is this sudden boom of everyone suddenly watching Political animals?


Seriously when I was watching it there was like few gifs and now finally when I’m starting to get over all my TJ feelings suddenly there is people spamming the stuff around. Come on guys I was almost over it all.

It’s cuz of Captain America: Winter Solider and Sebastian Stan and I’m re-watching and crying about TJ all over again 



Here’s how you can get one!

  • mbf this chipmunk
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  • message me with a suggestion of either a comedy or action movie that I should watch
  • This will go until 9pm eastern aka THE NEWEST SPN EPISODE!!
  • Have a lovely day, you nincompoo <3

Pssst heres…


My first official BOTM woop

  • must be following this hot potato
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  • deadline to enter is April 30th 11:59 EST
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  • much reach at least 30 notes or this never happened shush
What I'm looking for
  • a friendly blogger
  • clean theme
  • nice posts and url
  • multi-fandom is fine, but spn must be one of your main fandoms
  • making your own stuff isn’t necessary but would help
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Good luck~!

screencap meme | sam winchester + faceless (asked by samsubchester)

“I love the smell of cookies baking. During the winter, they have these candles that smell like cookies, and I always buy like a hundred of them.”

We hope you enjoy your stay


make me chooselostchesters asked:  lucifer!sam or nick!lucifer


spn memeeight quotes [1/8] "Family don’t end with blood, boy."


We would officially welcome Anne to the Shameless News team. She will be working exclusively with our tumblr & twitter pages. Of course you may know her better as knightsofcain

Hey guys- that’s me!


Because Chuck said it, so it must be true.

This will be a place for SPN writers to get together and discuss writing, give and receive feedback, brainstorm, and cheer each other on whether it be for fanfic or original!

A place to ask for help without judgement, improve your writing/grammar/etc, and help each other out - especially in the upcoming DCBB season.

  • Must be following me
  • Reblog to apply
  • Have your ask and submit open
  • Filling out this survey is optional, but it will definitely increase your chances … by, like, a hundred
  • Must reach 50 notes
  • Nice, friendly bloggers
  • Multi-fandom is fine, but SPN must be your main fandom
  • Any ship is okay - judgement-free network please!
  • Already posted writing is a huge bonus, but not necessary
  • However, if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you must have a huge interest in becoming one
  • New friends and followers
  • Feedback, concrit, and encouragement from said new friends
  • A place to throw around ideas if you’re stuck
  • A network-only chat where we can discuss our writing and day-to-day life
  • The first ten members will be chosen on on March 7th - sooner if this reaches 100 notes
  • Members must follow each other
  • Must have a link to the network on your blog
  • Track the tag “writingishardnetwork”
you have missed it, admit it.